"Puts her arms around me like a vice..."

Spanish Front Cover Spanish Back Cover

  • Above: Stranglehold Spanish release, 1980, front & back cover.
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Cat. No: PB9404
Label: RCA Spain
Recorded: 1979
Released: 1980

A-Side (CARA A): STRANGLEHOLD "Inmovilizado" (Harper) 2:27
Run-out groove: PB 9404 A IN'

B-Side (CARA B): WORLD WAR "Guerra Mundial" (Harper, Garratt)
                                ROCKERS (Harper, Garratt) 3.22 (Combined time)
Run-out groove: PB 9404 B IN'

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nick Garratt
Bass: Paul Slack
Drums: Pete Davies


Completely different cover to UK release using the Another Kind of Blues artwork and, as with most Spanish releases, the titles are translated (with the exception of Rockers). Released a year later than the UK single, following a growth in popularity in Europe, where the band toured with The Ramones in February 1980 and then embarked on a European headline tour in October - though neither of these outings visited Spain. The only Subs 7" to be released here.

The back cover has the following biography in Spanish:

Has sido verdaderamente formidable ver a U.K. Subs ocupando la portada del "Daily Express" er un lunes nublado.
Los UNITED KINGDOM SUBVERSIVES son una banda en vivio por excelencia...los mismos que marcan el tiempo sombre una bateria machacona y te lanza a los oidos toda la dureza de una guitarra con autentico magnetismo.
U.K. SUBS guardan las esencias de los punks del 76. Sus vestimentas del verde al negro, pasando por el naran y el rojo. Pete Davies es el mas viejo (26 anos) y Paul Slack el "babie" (solo 21). Per cuando se suben a un escenario son capaces de asestar golpes mortales a la audienca, cada vez mas amplia y "sugestiva".
El debut de U.K. SUBS viene con este "STRANGLEHOLD" que se ha movido considerablemente por la listas britanicas. Es un abrazo estrangulador par los amantes de las  emociones fuertes.

The following translation is courtesy of Eunice at Absolutely English, Sherbourne, Warwickshire:

It's been absolutely wonderful to see U.K. SUBS on the front page of the "Daily Express" on a cloudy Monday.
The UNITED KINGDOM SUBVERSIVES are an excellent live band...with a really heavy drum beat & a harshness of guitar with real magnetism.
They are like the punks of 76. Their clothes go from green to black passing through orange & red. Pete Davies is the oldest (26 years) & Paul Slack the "baby" (only 21). But when they take the stage they're capable of giving the audience mortal blows, harder & more "suggestive".
The debut of U.K. SUBS comes with this "STRANGLEHOLD" which has moved quickly up the British charts. It's a strangulating hug for those who love strong emotions.


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White label promo a-side Promo copy A-Side White label promo copy b-side Promo copy B-Side
Stranglehold Spain A-Side A-Side                   Stranglehold Spain B-Side B-Side


There are some regular release copies with 'PROMOCION INVENDIBLE' stamped on the labels (See below).
These are either a poor effort at faking a promo copy or they were sent out by RCA in Spain after the initial promo copies ran out.


Promo Copy?

  • Above: Promo Copy?


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