The following news story appeared on the official U.K. Subs website:

"03 March 2004
There is a new 'best of' CD now out (24 Feb 2004) - Before You Were Punk. This features tracks: C.I.D., Tomorrow's Girls, Stranglehold , Teenage , Emotional Blackmail, Warhead, N.Y. State Police, Party In Paris, Endangered Species, Down On The Farm, Shoot You Down, Countdown, Limo Life, Police State, Self Destruct, War Of The Roses, Holy Land, Motivator, Postcard From L.A., Nobody Move, Riot, Rebel Radio, Preacher, House Of Cards, Lost Not Found, Music For The Deaf, Stay Away, I Need A Life (UK Subs Vs. The Damned). It is released by it a label Called Anarchy is available from"

Source: U.K. Subs official website / Paul Mileman

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