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Magic EP front cover Magic EP back cover

  • Above: Magic UK release, 1984, front & back cover. Click to enlarge.

Cat. No: Fall 12.024
Fall-Out / Scarlet Records

A-Side: The Spell
               Private Army

Run-out groove: Utopia MPO FALL 12-024 A1

B-Side: Multiple Minds
              Primary Strength

Run-out groove: MPO FALL 12-024 B1

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Captain Scarlet
Bass: Unknown. Possibly Tezz Roberts or John Armitage
Drums: Steve S. Jones


Twelve inch black vinyl only release featuring four turgid gothic tracks that had to be re-mixed three times. Captain Scarlet spent so long on the guitar overdubs that Charlie had only just enough time to record the vocals. The result was probably one of the least listenable Subs releases, which was way over budget and didn't sell.

It was also the last recording with Captain Scarlet on guitar, he would go AWOL before the next tour being replaced by Tim Britta, although he reappeared a couple of years later as a roadie for the band. Steve S. Jones had left the band before the US tour that Gross Out U.S.A was recorded on, but returned to the drum stool for this release only. Bass Guitar duties are not credited but Tezz Roberts had played on the US tour, though it would be John Armitage who would appear in the line-up for the tour of Spain that followed.

There are no writing credits for any of the tracks on the release, although they are all credited as Harper/Scarlet on the Captain Oi CD release of Flood of Lies. Perhaps nobody wanted to admit it at the time?

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A-side A-Side B-side B-Side


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