"We danced upon their death machines"

Another typical city 12 Another typical city 12

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Cat. No: Fall 12.017 (S.I.G.2)
Fall-Out / Scarlet Records
June 1983

A-Side: Another Typical City Involved In Another Typical Daydream (U.K. Subs.)

Run-out groove: Utopia MPO FALL '12' 017 A1

B-Side: Still Life (Harper)
              Veronique (Harper/Slack)

Run-out groove: MPO FALL '12' 017 B1

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Capt. Scarlet
Steve Slack
Steve S. Jones


Twelve inch black vinyl only version of the Another Typical City 7" single release, featuring an extended remix of the title track, plus Veronique, taken from the Flood of Lies LP.

The sleeve artwork is exactly the same as the seven inch verson (drawn by Vibrators & Urban Dogs guitarist Knox), just enlarged, though the opening for the record is on the opposite edge.

There are some very rare copies that don't list all three tracks, different quality photos of the band and omit the '12' in the catalogue number (as the 7" version should be) see image below.

Although the title track is extended it is not credited as such anywhere on the release, and only gets described as the 12" Version on the Captain Oi CD release of Flood of Lies.


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A-side A-Side B-side B-Side




From the Dave Burdon U.K. Subs collection

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Another Typical City Press Ad

  • Above: Press Ad, Sounds, 3rd September 1983. Click to enlarge.


From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: News article, Sounds, 20th August 1983. Click to enlarge.


Jungle press release

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  • Above: Advert, unknown source. Image courtesy of Paul Mileman. 



  • Above: Press review, unknown source. Image courtesy of Paul Mileman.


Press review 

  • Above: Press review, unknown source. Image courtesy of Paul Mileman. 


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