"They're pushin' me around cos the guilty can't be found"

NRA05 blue vinyl front cover NRA05 blue vinyl back cover

  • Above: A.W.O.L. US blue vinyl LP release, 1987, front and back covers.
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NRA05 black vinyl front cover NRA05 black vinyl back cover

  • Above: A.W.O.L. US black vinyl LP release,1987, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: NRA 05
Label: New Red Archives
Recorded: February & July 1982
Released: 1987

Side One:

Self Destruct (Harper/Garratt)
Ship Wrecked (Gibbs) ▄
Enemy Awaits (Garratt) ▄
War of the Roses (Garratt)

Run-out groove: NRA - 05 - A  AM (Blue vinyl version has additional info: S - 18501)

Side Two:

Police State: Part 1 (Harper/Garratt)
New Barbarians (Harper) ▄
Keep on Running (Harper/Gibbs) ▲
Police State: Part 2 (Harper/Garratt) ▄

Run-out groove: NRA - 05 - B  AM (Blue vinyl version has additional info: S - 18502)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Alvin Gibbs on Ship Wrecked
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Mal Asling ▄/Kim Wylie /Steve Roberts ▲


The blue vinyl copies come with two different style labels, one is similar to the black vinyl labels which may indicate one is a re-issue or limited run. The blue vinyl copies with black labels also came in sleeves with darker printing. (Additional info and pictures courtesy of Joakim Torudd)


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NRA05 Blue vinyl Side 1 Blue Vinyl Side 1  NRA05 Blue vinyl Side 2 Blue Vinyl Side 2

Blue Vinyl (Alternative Label) side 1 Blue Vinyl Side 1  Blue vinyl (Alternate label) side 2 Blue Vinyl Side 2

NRA05 Black vinyl Side 1 Black Vinyl Side 1 NRA05 Black vinyl Side 2 Black Vinyl Side 2

Label Stamper

  • Above: Original stamper used to press the record label (Side 2)


Blue vinyl cover with sticker

  • Above: Blue vinyl cover, shrinkwraped, with original sticker.


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