This was an excellently written and well presented fanzine which was based in Neasden, London. 
Issue 8 featured a colour cover as well as some very interesting interviews with some well established punk artists of the time such as Captain Sensible and Stranglers bassman JJ Burnel. This publication was obviously one of the leading 'underground' reads of the time, and was put together and written by Steve, with some help (according to the credits inside) from Clive & Lawrence.

The UK Subs interview is with Paul Slack, conducted in November 1979, before the Subs flew out to the USA. Although the fanzine is not dated, it must have been published in December 1979 judging from its content.

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Number 8 featured a two page interview with Paul Slack

From the Mark Chadderton UK Subs collection


  • Above: Front Cover (click on image to enlarge)
  • Below: The Paul Slack interview


From the Mark Chadderton UK Subs collection


From the Mark Chadderton UK Subs collection

20 November 2017 e-mail update:

T&M received this lovely e-mail concerning the fanzine...

Hi Mark, Robert,
Just thought I’d drop you a line after discovering my fanzine, Tales of Dayglow, featured on your UK Subs site. I was inspired to do a search after watching a documentary on the movement, on Sky Arts, so seeing it again online was quite a thrill. Thanks for the kind review of issue 8. (
By way of background, my fanzine opened the door to a job freelancing for Sounds, where I wrote as Steve Keaton (I also did stuff for ZigZag at around the same time). My beat was punk and the proto Goth movement. Actually, I covered the UK Subs several times for the paper, and even went on a little European jaunt with Charlie and the band. Maybe you have the cuttings?
I eventually left Sounds to write on an early video games magazine (back in the days of the Spectrum and Atari), still as Steve Keaton, before moving over the write about the home video scene, where I began to use my own name. These days I freelance for all sorts of tech mags and gadget sites - but I’ve never lost my love for the glory days of punk.
Keep the faith,
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