U.K. Subs play the Stagecoach in Dumfries, Scotland

Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass*
Pete Davies - drums

*Paul Slack caught pneumonia and was replaced by his brother Steve for a few gigs
(Source: U.K. Subs official website)



U.K. Subs 1980 publicity shot


Below: "Scottish Tour Dates 1980 Itinerary" front cover. The majority of the tour was in Scotland but the actual 6 Scottish gigs were bookended by two dates in England. Information inside, provided by Nicky Garratt was as follows:

April 1980

5th Rock Garden - Middlesbrough, England (Matinee at 5:00)
5th Rock Garden - Middlesbrough, England (Evening show 8:00)
6th Stagecoach - Dumfries, Scotland
7th Pavilion – Ayr, Scotland
8th Astoria – Edinburgh, Scotland
8th Radio interview with Radio Forth
9th Music Hall – Aberdeen, Scotland
10th Maryatt Hall – Dundee, Scotland
11th Town Hall - Grangemouth, Scotland (Brand New Age Released)
12th Friars – Aylesbury, England

From the Nicky Garratt collection


Ed Thomas provides some further information regarding this gig:

"Fighting erupted in the car park after the gig when a load of straights started on the punks. Fencing was ripped up and used to beat people, and I remember one guy on the floor, completely unconscious, as several straights continued to kick the shit out of him. The police and several ambulances had to be called. Crazy scenes. The weird thing about it was that all the straights were at the gig having a good time with the punks. It struck me as weird at the time that so many straights had attended a punk gig. In England that just didn't happen - straights and punks together in a small sweaty club was a recipe for violence. It took me most of the gig to feel relaxed at rubbing shoulders with so many straights. In a weird sort of way, the fighting after the gig made me feel vindicated at being so uncomfortable at having so many straights at the punk gig."

Cheers Ed...


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