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RFBLP1 front cover RFBLP1 back cover

  • Above: Huntington Beach UK LP release, 1985, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: RFB LP1
Label: RFB recordings
Recorded: 1985
Released: Autumn 1985

Side One:

Rock 'N' Roll Savage (Music; Moncur, Lyrics; Harper)
Between The Eyes (Music; Rab, Lyrics; Harper)
Suicide Taxi (Music; Moncur, Lyrics; Harper)
Party Animal (Music & Lyrics; Harper)
The Unknown (Music; Rab, Lyrics; Harper)
Miss Teenage USA (Music; Moncur, Lyrics; Harper)
Huntington (Music & Lyrics; Harper)

Run-out groove: JA  SARAH GIVE BUBBLES A BLOW JOB  020  B - 3652  A - 1

Side Two:

All The Kings Horses (Music; Rab & Moncur, Lyrics; Harper)
Jukebox (Music & Lyrics; Harper)
SK8 Tough (Music; Rab & Moncur, Lyrics; Harper)
Death Row (Music & Lyrics; Harper)
The Bullshitter (Music & Lyrics; Rab)
Dirt Boy (Music & Lyrics; Harper)
All Change For Hollywood (Music & Lyrics; Harper)
Blinding Stories (Music & Lyrics; Rab)

Run-out groove: RACSTON GET A SHAVE YOU TRAMP!  020  B - 3652  B - 1

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: James Moncur
Bass: Plonker Magoo (Ricky McGuire)
Drums: Rab Fae Beith


Another album with a completely new line-up (though Jim Moncur gets a credit on the sleeve for Flood Of Lies) and the first of two on RFB Recordings, a label set up by new drummer Rab Fae Beith (clue's in the title).

This would be the only album of original material this line-up would record, the fake live album 'In Action' being the last with everybody going their seperate ways; Rab moved to America to continue with his record label and Ricky joined The Men They Couldn't Hang.

Released on black vinyl (the back cover of In Action says it was on yellow but we've never seen or heard of any copies, though we could be wrong), the LP came in a plain paper sleeve with an insert promoting the Gross Out UK Video (see below).


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Test pressing, side A Test A Test pressing, side B Test B

RFBLP1 Side 1 Side 1 RFBLP1 Side 2 Side 2


Gross Out U.K. Live flyer

  • Above: Gross Out U.K. Live flyer included with LP.

3 promo photos from John Peel's copy of the LP - click here


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