"Young criminal, feel the heat"

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Cat. No: AHOY CD 134
Captain Oi
May/June 1979

Track Listing:

C.I.D (Harper/Anderson)
I Couldn't Be You (Harper/Presley)
I live in a car (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons(sic))
Tomorrows girls (Harper)
Killer (Harper/Garratt/Slack)
World War (Harper/Garratt)
Rockers (Harper/Garratt)
I.O.D. (Harper/Garratt)
T.V. Blues (Harper/Garratt/Slack)
Blues (Harper/Garratt)
Lady Esquire (Harper/Garratt)
All I Want To (sic) Know (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons(sic))
Crash Course (Harper/Garratt/McCoy)
Young Criminals (Harper/Garratt)
B.I.C (sic) (Harper/Garratt)
Disease (Harper/Garratt)
Stranglehold (Harper)
Bonus Tracks
C.I.D. (single version) (Harper/Anderson)
I Live In A Car (single version) (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons(sic))
B.I.C. (sic) (single version) (Harper/Garratt)
Stranglehold (single version) (Harper)
World War (single version) (Harper/Garratt)
Rockers (single version) (Harper/Garratt)
Tomorrows Girls (single version) (Harper)
Scum Of The Earth (Harper/Garratt)
Telephone Numbers (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons(sic))

Line Up

Vocals & Harmonica: Charlie Harper
Nick (sic) Garratt
Paul Slack
Pete Davies


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From the Rob Cook U.K. Subs collection

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